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Using our free STK Platform Q&A service for legal consultations in Japan, you can ask our experts questions regarding immigration visas, real estate investment, taxation, and other related legal issues.

As Japan becomes more global, an increasing number of foreign nationals are interested in living in Japan and investing in Japanese real estate. However, there are many cases where people try to move to Japan without accurate knowledge and professional assistance.

There is conflicting information across the internet about Japanese real estate investment and eligibility for obtaining residence permission to live in Japan. 

If you apply for a Japan immigration visa with inadequate understanding of the required criteria, you will be at risk not only to fail to obtain approval, but also reduce your chances of being approved in the future.

Use STK Platform to get the advice you need.

Legal Q&A Platform

“I was told, ‘You can get permanent residence if you buy land in Japan.’ However, after doing so, I was not able to obtain a Japan immigration visa.”
“I was told, ‘If you graduate Japanese language school, you can get a working visa,’ but then I was forced to work illegally with a student visa.”

Some foreign nationals are deceived and defrauded due to lack of knowledge about Japanese law. STK Platform’s Q&A system exists to provide answers to important questions with accurate knowledge and advice from licensed legal professionals.

Information for international students and people who want to live in Japan

On STK Platform, you can also find information about general life in Japan for international students and other foreign residents.
We also share information about Japanese culture and lifestyle for people who are interested in considering to move to Japan. You can find our updates on YouTube and other social media.

Inbound support

When a foreign national wants to move to Japan, the legal procedures and required visa permission can vary depending on the purpose of stay and the individual’s nationality. 

We can offer support including establishing a business in Japan, obtaining an immigration visa to work in Japan, etc.

Multilingual support in English, Chinese and Korean

If you are a foreign national who is interested in starting a company in Japan, we can advise you on the pros and cons and the necessary procedures.

Overseas support

We offer support for Japanese companies that want to establish a business overseas. Our team is also experienced in assisting Japanese nationals who reside overseas with legal procedures in Japan.

Foreign subsidiary consulting

We can provide assistance for Japanese companies that want to establish a foreign subsidiary. With our Singapore Office and partnership with international lawyers, we can help you with a wide range of cross border legal procedures.

  • Support for foreign subsidiary establishment
  • Incorporation in Singapore

Support for Japanese citizens living abroad

If you are a Japanese citizen and need assistance with legal procedures for real estate transactions and inheritance in Japan, we are here to help. We can also assist with helping you obtain necessary documents from Japan and overseas governments.

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