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Legacy Tomodachi is a one-stop service for inheritance settlement, estate and legacy planning, creation of last will and testament, and related matters in Japan.

We are different because we offer full support by native speakers in English, Chinese, and Korean, in addition to Japanese. Backed by decades of specialist legal experience in international inheritance cases, we have designed our service to to help people around the world navigate matters of succession and inheritance in Japan.

Legacy Tomodachi’s top priority is making sure that your legacy is protected. We have a track record in solving diverse cases, including purely domestic procedures for foreign residents in Japan, as well as those involving overseas assets, mixed nationalities between the deceased and the beneficiary, beneficiaries who live abroad, and other unique circumstances.

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    The Legacy Tomodachi Advantage

    Legacy Tomodachi specializes in solving legal matters of inheritance in Japan. Part of the STK Group, Legacy Tomodachi’s services are backed by the foremost provider of international legal consulting services in Japan.

    Clients from around the world choose Legacy Tomodachi because of our dedicated team of in-house experts with judicial scrivener (shiho-shoshi) and administrative scrivener (gyosei-shoshi) accreditation, in addition to paralegals experienced in handling international inheritance matters. With a team of professional consultants, including native speakers of English, Chinese, and Korean, in addition to Japanese, we are committed to providing first-class service.

    At Legacy Tomodachi we have the can-do attitude, experience, and resources to successfully reach settlements that no other team in Japan can handle.

    Whether you reside within Japan or outside of Japan, Legacy Tomodachi is a partner you can trust to provide timely legal advice and assistance.

    Masato Sasaki
    Founder, Legacy Tomodachi

    Licensed Judicial Scrivener (Japan)

    Masato Sasaki created Legacy Tomodachi to serve the needs of non-Japanese in settling inheritance matters in Japan, which can at times can seem complicated and even impossible. When referring to the business approach cultivated at STK Legal Services, Masato says, “Some legal procedures are difficult, but nothing is impossible.”

    By taking on projects and cases that other firms cannot handle and maintaining high standards of customer service, the STK Group has grown to over 30 employees across its offices in Tokyo, Osaka, and Singapore.

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    Inheritance Settlement

    Losing a loved one is never a happy time. In Japan, inheritance procedures can quickly become complicated when the deceased is a foreign national. There are several documents, procedures, and other steps necessary to take care of settling an estate under Japanese jurisdiction.

    For those living far away from the deceased, Japan’s inheritance procedures can be difficult and stressful because all documentation must be submitted in a particular way in Japanese. Non-resident heirs usually need to either visit Japan several times to settle the estate or leave it in the hands of relatives, often in both cases with little assurance whether everything has been done correctly. Without reliable and objective advice in matters of Japanese inheritance law, many end up with unsatisfactory results or worse, legal disputes among heirs.

    Legacy Tomodachi offers full support for inheritance procedures involving foreign nationals in Japan. From creation of necessary documents, to initiating procedures to transfer assets such as bank accounts on your behalf, you can depend on us. Legacy Tomodachi is here to help you navigate Japanese inheritance procedures to conclusion.


    • Inheritance cases where the heir(s) live outside of Japan.
    • Cases inside Japan where the deceased is a foreign national.
    • Instances where the heir(s) cannot speak Japanese.

    Legacy Tomodachi specializes in solving international inheritance procedures in a prompt and professional manner.

    Legacy Planning

    Legacy Tomodachi specializes in legacy planning that alleviates the burden of inheriting assets in Japan. Every year, countless international inheritance procedures in Japan lead to unfortunate and unsatisfying conclusions, often because of a lack of forward-planning. We are experts in helping clients plan their legacy so that their family will not be faced with a sudden heavy inheritance tax burden or have unfortunate disputes over distribution of assets that can lead to acrimony and years of litigation.

    Legacy planning, also known as estate planning, is the process of developing a strategy and plans that enable you to preserve and pass on what’s most important to your family. There are several aspects that require careful thought and professional advice tailored to each individual situation.

    Inheriting real estate in Japan can be cumbersome, especially for non-residents. In the case where several heirs inherit a single property, sometimes it makes sense to sell the property to satisfy the wishes of all heirs.

    Legacy Tomodachi is part of the STK Group of companies, which has a full service real estate division. The team at STK Properties has over 50 years of combined experience in handling real estate transactions. From residential homes to vacation homes, apartment buildings, and large commercial properties, Legacy Tomodachi can facilitate sales and provide consultation, simulations, and full document facilitation in English, Chinese, and Korean.

    Last Will and Testament

    A last will and testament is a legal document that gives an accurate description of all of your assets in addition to your intentions for their distribution to heirs.

    The amount of time the Japanese inheritance process requires can differ greatly depending on the type of will that is left. When a foreign national passes away in Japan, generally there are several legal documents that must be submitted by all heirs in order to begin inheritance procedures.

    Finalizing all of the necessary procedures to inherit real estate, bank accounts, etc. in Japan can take several months, and sometimes more than 1 year. If there is a heir who cannot be reached or does not cooperate with the inheritance procedures, the process stops.

    There is a way to expedite the inheritance process through proper pre-planning of your legacy. For those who create a notary certified last will and testament, there is an expedited inheritance process that takes less time and requires fewer paperwork. This is possible because the details of all heirs, assets, and distribution are confirmed and certified by the notary public at the time of creation.

    The will creation professionals at Legacy Tomodachi can help you create a notary certified last will and testament. Japanese notaries create certified wills in the Japanese language, which enables quick submission at family court in the event of inheritance, but can leave foreign nationals unsure whether their will has been reflected 100%.

    We offer a full-service notary certified will creation system that starts with a conversation in your native language. Our consultants who are native speakers of English, Chinese, and Korean will create an original draft in your native language that will serve as the template for the Japanese certified document.

    Legacy Tomodachi has unparalleled will creation knowhow. Let us help you using decades of combined experience in international inheritance, including overseas assets in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, as well as translation and interpretation between English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

    Contact Legacy Tomodachi today to learn more about how to create a last will and testament that effectively protects your legacy.

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